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Hi there! I'm Camelle but you can call me Cams.

Well… when it comes to introducing myself, I'm honestly not good at that. LOL. Anyway, blogging has been my hobby since I started this years ago and my actual job doesn't have to do anything with books. I'm an IT nerd (I think? LOL) so reading and blogging relaxes me from my job which can be insanely busy.

Aside from blogging, taking photos, traveling, running and hiking are my hobbies. Living the life yeah? *smiles* I'm thinking of starting another blog that focuses on traveling. I'll do that soonest. I post my photos on Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook page.

Why I blog? I just want it. I want to help the authors and publishers to promote their books. Their happy reaction about my posts is what makes me happy and inspired to continue blogging. It was like, in a simple way, I can help them and that's the best feeling ever! And if people asks if this is easy? It's a big NO. As a reader and a blogger, you have to make time for reading, you have to be patient and you have to be focused on what you're doing to produce a satisfying review.

To some readers out there, I would love to encourage them to do blogging as well or for some vlog. It is really enjoyable. Also, don't be afraid to try again if you get rejected on book requests. That's totally fine. Just keep trying and you'll get there. *smiles*

By the way, I love Twitter so much! I will leave my links below and hopefully we can talk soon! Send me a tweet alright?




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